ZWAE is a leading manufacturer of a medium and high voltage equipment.
We were tasked with a modernisation of the company’s logo, as well as, creation of a consistent and dynamic visual identity of the brand – determined and “confident” design line.
We were inspired by electric symbols: installation outlines, graphical elements of electric symbols. We focused mainly on lines and geometric figures. “We connect with energy” slogan has become the idea for the main motive – Key Visual for ZWAE brand.


To refresh the form of the symbol, the decided not be be so literal. We amended the proportions of the form, and typography.  We kept the blues, which was vital for the customer, however we expanded them with shades of grey and contrasting red.

We have created a new typographical setup for the slogan and main motive of a line referring to “cables”. Created graphics “connects” with the the logo. In symbolic way it emphasises the company’s profile. Indirectly speaks of potential and openness, as well as, the good change mission the company was involved in.

Company's materials

Apart from printed materials, we have created a line of visual projects: company and product folders, and product cards.
We organised the contents and created new standards for preparing project materials: pictures, 3D graphics, technical drawings of the products, charts and tables.


We have designed a new web site with a product browser.

We organised the contents and created new standards for preparing company’s materials: pictures or 3D graphics.

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