Unique Art

Unique Art, because each one of us is a spacial artist and our art is unique!

It is a brand full of feminine grace, a soft dance line… It was important to us to create an image that would put emphasis on empathy, and sensitivity toward another person. It’s a brand created for “him”, being strong because of “him”. We designed the logo and a visual identity of the brand: visual and promotional materials, a website, a Facebook page, and company’s offer in a Press Kit form.



The logo itself is made of a soft and flowing line. It’s main character is “Art”, with a role of drawing attention to the fact, that it’s “her” we going to be seeing.. in various, more or less direct forms: theatre, dance, drawing, speech, touch.. hence the very intense graphite/gold colours, broken with a navy or deep maroon coloured accents.

Visual materials

The main motive of the first visual campaign has become “a woman”. We are not revealing who she is or how does she look – she’s behind a white curtain – but she’s special, full of passion end emotions ..she can be any of us..
For the purposes of campaign we have created: a leaflet, key motive posters, and posters with classes info. The most important project showing company’s full offer is an electronic Press-Kit.

Website & Facebook

The website consists mainly of detailed informations about the offer and staff of the Unique Art. We have also created an update and news base on the current events and classes. The second launch of the website is currently in progress.
A series of posts on Facebook is supporting company’s offer.

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