SQS Holding S.A.

SQS Holding S.A. is one of the leaders, on both Polish and European market of temps and recruitment, as well as, supporting quality control processes.

Our job was to build a new look – give each held brand an imageconsistent with the holding on many design levels. We were also trying to keep the comparibility and continuity of the previous image.

SQS Holding S.A. - Rebranding

We have run a very complex rebranding process of the entire holding. The idea for the visual identification of the mother company and companies held by it, is based on a collection – its mathematical definition. The form of a new logo also refers to the collection.

HR Team - Rebranding

HR Team is a Temporary Employment Agency specializing in recruitment. The most important in the image of this company are personal contacts, that’s why people are the heroes of this brand and its offer.

In addition to the Visual Identity Book of HR Team and many company materials, we have designed image folders in several languages ​​and a website. These are the main marketing tools of the brand.

SQS Solutions - Rebranding

SQS Solutions has been providing services in the quality control sector for 14 years.
The quality and reliability of the brand’s services has been emphasized by the more business-like character of new image-building projects.

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