Plast-Box S.A.

Plast-Box S.A. is one of the biggest plastic packaging supplier. Their products supply food and chemical industries in almost entire Europe.

In response to a need of a thorough visual change, we have executed re-branding of Plast-Box. Working on the strategy followed the bands audit. Based on the results, we have created a new logo as well as the book of logo, which was then followed by the visual materials and stock trading website.

All materials used in projects like visual and product photos, pictures of the branch along with the supply base, product base and their 3D compositions, pack shoots and infographics, we made brand new. Our purpose was to refresh the image and to set a new path of company’s development.



Using new colours we have created a new form of company’s logo: modern, elegant and polished.
When making changes, we still wanted to keep the resemblance between new, and previous logo.
The symbol refers to a box – packaging, carton. We focused on keeping it that way, as it is a part of company’s name. All the actions taken in further versions, were very strictly orientated around an optical delusion.
Finally we emphasised even more the volumetric and modern form of a box by cutting flat surfaces and applying appropriate colours to the neighbouring ones.



The new blue colours very clearly present the business and professional character of the brand.
From the previous identification we kept for example yellow, that brings out certain areas and attracts attention.


Interpack 2017 Fair

Interpack ’17 International Plastics Industry Fair in Düsseldorf.

We have created an amaizing trade show stand, that not only gave the outer appearance a modern look, but was directly related to the new logo – the shape of the stand is an abstract of the trademark. The identification elements such as characteristic KV planes, and contrasting colours completed the look.

The most interesting element, however, was the front installation. We have designed a KV version as a system of steel lines, that became the background for the multimedia presentation. The presentation itself was then designed to become one with the background.

Visual Materials

The main motive of all visual materials is a set of surfaces in company’s blue colours, running through each other. This graphic solution refers to the construction of the new logo. We use an optical delusion to create an illusion of three dimensional paper.
We used the pattern of the company’s paper and business cards.
We prepared projects of new promotional materials like visual folder, leaflets and product folder, e-folder.
Were important part of new promotional materials were the presentations: a business one, for marketing, but also multimedia one, with 3D elements for the Interpack 2017 Fairs in Düsseldorf.



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