PCO Group

PCO Group is a tasty brand supplying entire Europe with food products and equipping cinemas.

We have implemented a new designing line of the company’s visual and promotional materials. We replaced dark colours with refreshing white, that brings out those tasty  fruit and candy pictures, as well as equipment.

We assigned colours to certain products and systemised contents. Everything was summarised in the product base on the new website, because this was the most important medium used in contacts with company’s customers. New image was taken brilliantly at Euro Gastro fairs, putting emphasis on vast and european product range of the PCO Group.


Visual materials

When designing the visual elements for the new campaigns we followed the “tasty” slogan. The PCO logo was the base – and based on its shape was build a 3D motive for example with three leading products, or the eastern motive of a cookie for the holiday mailing campaign.
We renewed the company’s materials, e.g company’s folder, business cards, envelopes or bags.

Advertising materials

We prepared new printing materials e.g. leaflets, posters and product folders, product and equipment price lists. To organise and standardise promotional materials, as well as the picture data base for the website, the photo shoot of the entire product range was a must.


Website is mainly a product database for contractors and subcontractors. Additionally it contains panel for regular customers and is integrated with a loyalty system P-COIN. Mailing campaigns and Facebook apps were to support all marketing actions.

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