AFM Defum S.A.

Andrychowska Fabryka Maszyn DEFUM S.A. is one of the oldest polish companies. It was established in 1946 and for over 70 years has been a leading polish producer of the CNC machine tools. We have done their first in history R E B R A N D I N G.

The new AFM DEFUM S.A. strategy was created as a response to the need of ground visual changes. The work was supported by a comprehensive analysis of the brand. Based on that we have created the new Identity Manual, the new Key Visual. copywriting, and then a series of visual and product projects. We focused on a minimalism and a modern look, keeping in mind the brands attachment to tradition and region.

So after picking selected topics, we focused on a section and an axis. Any form processed by the turning machine is always going to be symmetrical. This is the base of our KV. Symmetry appears on other elements as well – e.g. in a modern motive of the mountains, or machine numbers in the product cards. These last ones also use the section style.

New brand identity

The colour scheme consists of four basic colours: turquoise, black, white and red.

The leading colour of the brand is turquoise – it gives the brand a bold and modern character, but also distinguish them from the competition. The supporting colours – blacks and greys – emphasize the professionalism but also business, and elegant style of the brand.

Refreshed colour scheme emphasizes dynamics and professionalism of AFM DEFUM, as well as the deep connection to the polish tradition, stability and development.

Company’s materials

The very important element of the AFM’s look is a completely new line of printed materials: the series of product cards with new images of the machines, product and visual brochures, company’s folder etc – the tools to be used at meetings, but also as a support to a multimedia presentation during trade shows..


The website is a fully dynamic project describing technology. The dynamics of the project is mainly the adaptive HOME – adjusting to changing conditions. Three interchangeable were created – Promo, Trade Show and News. Dependent on whats currently “on the agenda” – the appropriate main motive is lunched. All the other layout elements change accordingly.

The dynamics of this layout is a result of the dynamics of changes that were occurring on the previous website. Our job was to implement a new look so that the constant changes made to the website would not have a negative impact on the website’s stylistics.


Product configurator (in progress) – is a module based on 3D models of the machines. Every machine was separated and optimized so that it could be used as a visual presentation of technological processes, as well as, in the configurator.

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