Zakład Usług Brukarskie ADROG has been renovating historic streets, squares and squares of the capital for over 27 years. Wherever you go in Warsaw: in the Old Town, in the Royal Łazienki Park, at Krakowskie Przedmiescie, Zamkowy Square or Aleje Ujazdowskie … you can see the effect of their actions everywhere.
The photographs taken by Tomasz Kempa for the 25th Aniversary of the company were put together in a form of a stylish calendar, folder and a new website. The created projects summarise Adrog’s hard but also spectacular work. Thanks to them the capitol bloomed and we share their pride.

Visual materials

Out of many creations, along with the client we’ve picked the most important few. For their 25th annivarsary we’ve made a calendar – second one for the brand – as well as visual folder summarising  25 years of their work.
Geometrical figures became a filling motive to resemble different shapes of stone. They’ve become a base of the anniversary slogan, and the area exposing picures of their work.


The anniversary became an opportunity to summarise 25 years of their work on a company’s new visual website. We have organised their portfolio to start with and exposed the pictures. It was important to keep the consistency across all projects.

The Fairs

We had a chance to prepare the company for the TRA 2016 fairs (Transport Research Arena) at the National Stadium in Warsaw. Apart from the stand and all printed materials, we have also designed a visual multimedia presentation.

The “Androg’s 20th Anniversary” calendar

The calendar for their 20th anniversary was the first project we’ve designed for them. Tomasz Kempa’s photographs were completed with a texture and typography.

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