A website is a mix of technology and design. In order to achieve certain quality these two elements need to complement each other. Modern and business character of a graphic design should be supported by modern technologies just like new technologies should be supported by modern design.



The website is entirely based on the most universal content management system WORDPRESS 4.8. It is the fastest and most reliable system, giving developers unlimited design and development possibilities. It is perfect for creating multilingual websites and online stores.



One of the most developed and versatile libraries for building web interfaces.


VUE 2+

It is one of the market-leading framework for building reactive web application interfaces.
Currently, it is also part of WordPress – significantly increasing its capabilities.


Type of websites

Bussines web card

This is the simplest type of a website, based only on a basic graphics. As the name indicates, this is company’s online business card, so the number of tabs is limited (1-3).

Bussines web card

Event website

Event website – is a part of a campaign, or a summary of an event. It is based mainly on an image, sometimes with addition of special effects. Using CMS is optional, because the website does not need to be updated

Image website

This is the most common type of a website. It is not focused on any particular functions although it often uses dedicated components. It is a typical website that is the facade of a company online, however, it is often the only place where a company can present itself to a wider audience. This type of a website says everything about the company and its products.

Image website

Online store

In order to exist, you need to be online. Sooner or later every store needs to move some part of its sales to the Internet. Online shop is an image version of a website with products with an option to sell them.


We use the best online sales system written for WordPress’ s – WooCommerce.

net application

Technically, this is the most complex version of a site. It may contain all previous functions but it has its own purpose. This means that we treat it first as an application which can then be moved to the web as a web application or to a mobile device as a mobile application.

net application


Each version of the site can be enriched with additional functionality as each company has different needs. Starting from the simplest such as archives of documents, to the most complex ones – like the interior design module.  Modules are already created in the design phase or they are added when the page is ready as an update. Sometimes it allows you to spread your budget over time. By building your pages in stages we have better control over the project and its production costs.

Sample modules:

  • 3D product browser
  • virtual walk
  • chat
  • CRM
  • offers agency office
  • virtual advisor


Search engine optimization is a part of our offer. An initial website optimization is a one off process. It is a part of the basic offer and is implemented when the website is being created. The SEO of the website, however, and keeping its position in the browsers is a separate service provided within a long-term order.

Our projects are not only moderntechnologically but they are also trendy. We create graphics in such a way that the website firmly follows the latest trends – we combine the modern with the beautiful.
Our projects are a modern European standard.
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