The main goal of our company is to sell products. All the actions carried out so far have only one purpose – to make the client choose our product and not the product offered by our competition. Products have only a few seconds to present their best sides to a potential client and win – research talks about critical 1.75 seconds. During this time our product may be selected or rejected. After that the client very rarely changes his mind.

Types of actions


  • design
  • branding (design)
  • product communication
  • creating a “family” of the product
  • labels
  • gadget projects

Product catalogue

A catalogue listing all the products by industry or category. The catalogue may be based on image and include photos with description or it can be technical. Each catalogue has a different use, destination, target group, and industry, therefore its final look depends on these items.

The catalogue may be electronic or printed.

3D modelling

  • structural design: forming moulds and preparing grids for a punching die
  • creating a model from any material in 3D for further design processing, e.g.: for visualization or for the use in advertising materials
  • preparing visualizations of the new product in the target sales environment
  • preparing model software for animation and interaction
3D modelling

Product browser

An electronic browser is a more developed version of the product catalogue. It can be a photo-based browser, or a more advanced one which uses interactive 3D models. We can use it on a website, in a multimedia presentation, or in a sales application.

Product session

  • defining the target group
  • concept – ideas concerning the session
  • comprehensive organization of the session, also the one that requires travelling
  • team organization: photographer, assistant, stylist
  • selecting products for the session
  • preparing products for the session (e.g. cleaning, ironing, etc.)
  • selecting props or creating them from scratch
  • building or organizing stage design for the session
  • product arrangements
  • professional post-production of the photos (processing and retouching, Free-Form Select)
  • preparing RGB and CMYK images (for printing)
  • preparing a cost estimate of the session
Product session
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