Promotion is actually sending a piece of information directly into people’s consciousness. It can be done with the use of many means, that is through advertising. Our client’s magnificent project must be properly presented and it is our task to do it effectively and within the budget.



Advertising is a very demanding process therefore it is important that it is properly designed and prepared for a chosen media..and today you can print literally anything on anything 🙂

  • image or product folders
  • customer magazines
  • packaging and label printing
  • advertising in the press (magazines and newspapers)
  • publishing (books, albums, calendars, etc.)
  • outdoor advertising (billboards, banners, vehicles)
  • interior (leaflets, posters, corporate events, websites, etc.)
  • gadgets

Mass media

  • radio
  • TV
  • LED screens
  • Internet
  • kampania mailingowa
  • advertising on social networks
  • fairs
Mass media

Our client is what matters most to us. A good strategy is based on several types of advertising used at once. It is by no means an accidental and one-off operation but a continuous process. Our experience can improve it because success itself depends on the right form of promotion.

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