The purpose of creating a new image is to build a brand’s identity which translates into INCREASED SALES.
The brand’s identity is established on many levels of customers perception – through advertising materials, company’s policy, PR and employees. Therefore the whole process of creating an image needs to be consistent well-thought-out and coherent.

Branding is divided into stages. If we skip one stage or if the stages are inconsistent, instead of a strong and stable image we are going to end up with an accidental form that does not address the target group, does not create a unique brand’s identity, and does not contribute to a company’s growth.

Etapy brandingu


It is the first step of every creative process. We thoroughly analyse the materials we receive from our client, competition and budget in order to determine how we should create the image of a new brand, or strengthen the image of an existing one.


The concept is built on the basis of the analysis. A concept that is consistent and thought through is a strength of a good image as it allows to distinguish the brand from others on the market.
That is why together with our client we agree on the actions that need to be taken, the budget and we set goals and targets. We set an action plan which is fundamental for creative process.


Company’s logo is the most vital element of visual identity – it is like a fingerprint.
Your customers receive a message that is consistent with the company’s image and its objectives. What is more, a well designed logo sends this message perfectly.


Book of logo

This book starndardises the company’s logo. It shows how the logo is bult and how it should be used. Not only does it define its construction but it also defines its the and possible variations. As a result the company’s identification is coherent and the font used in different materials is of the same type.

Book of logo

Corporate identity (CI)

CI describes the rules of using logo on various company’s materials. If the rules are used consistently, the company’s image is going to stay in your customer’s mind.

Apart from the mandatory standardisation of company’s logo, depending on customer’s needs CI includes designs of:

  • company’s materials
  • work wear
  • promotional and advertising materials
  • company’s car custom graphics and signs
  • interior and exterior graphics and signs
  • etc.
Corporate identity (CI)


Creation, after a concept, is the second most important step in building an image. At this stage specific ideas and solutions are born. The main two elements that need to be created at this stage are Key Visual, and Copywriting.

Key Visual (KV) is a leading graphic theme of a brand. This theme appeares in every element of your identification to make it even more recognisable.
Copywriting – language of a brand. It consists in developing all text materials and ads promoting each element. The ability to combine these two elements will determine the impact of a message.

By building an image you increased the sales. Your marketing needs to be supported by this image, wherever it appears. That is why it is essential for it to be consistent.

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